Draughts Battles

☆ Experience an incredible and gorgeous game of Checkers.
☆ For the first time, play in family up to 4 players.
☆ Take full advantage of 3D display, play with the viewpoint of your choice.
☆ Adapt the game rules to your habits :
• ● King with short moves or Queen with long moves.
• ● Mandatory captures or not.
• ● Capture forwards only or backwards and forwards.
• ● By default, the game follow the English rules.
☆ Face a formidable artificial intelligence, with a different play style at each game.
☆ 4 levels of difficulty.
☆ Easily resume the game after a break thanks to automatic backup.
☆ Share your victories and defeats.
☆ No advertising during the game.
☆ Works in portrait and landscape, on phones as well as tablets.

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